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FOR SALE: SELF CONTAINED gold mining washplant built on a 4x4 crane carrier frame - 8x16' trommel scrubber. Offered by Golden Rule Placer Mining, Inc.

There is no other trommel like this in the world. This Self contained washplantunit is custom made – estimated cost to replace it today would be over $1,000,000.00 (1 million dollars)

This machine was built to be almost totally self contained and mobile, once it is on the ground you want to work.

It was designed to be direct fed with a back hoe

The material is dumped onto a 4x5 foot vibrating syntron feeder which in turn feeds the material into the trommel.

The angle and intensity of the vibrating syntron are changeable. There is also a spray bar on the syntron feeder and also through the trommel to add as much water as needed to help break up and wash the mixture.

The scrubber section of the trommel is 8x12 feet long to thoroughly mix and wash the material on a continuous basis. The angle of the trommel can be changed hydraulically.

The material then passes over a perforated section of the trommel (1/2 inch holes). This material is collected and passed over the riffle system. Anything larger than 1/2 inch passes on through the trommel and is dropped onto the radial staking conveyor about 40 feet away from the machine.

Portable washplantAfter the collected 1/2 inch and smaller material passes over the riffle system to collect the gold, the tailings and water are collected in a surge tank that directs all material to a 4x6 inch dredge pump that pumps the material away from the machine through a 50 foot hose made for that purpose.

The only thing externally hooked to the machine is a hose about 6 inches x 50 feet that feeds water to the machine. As you work the machine and feed all the material you can reach with the back hoe, you can stop washing material, let the machine clear out, then shut it down, unhook the water supply hose, raise the outriggers and drive forward to reach new material. Then you add pipe to the water system as needed, re-hook the water system, level the machine with the outriggers get the machinery running again and start pitching dirt.

Alluvial Placer Gold Rig that is self-propelled (Needs an external 100kw genset generator) built on ALL TERRAIN CARRIER, with these features:

Two planetary axles - capacity 75,000 lbs. each axle
Each axle can steer independently or together
All wheel drive
Large flotation tires - 26.5 x 25, 26 ply
Detroit Diesel 350 HP turbo-charged 8V71T engine
Clark 8000 Series Torque Converter
Clark 7500 Series six speed Powershift Transmission
Four Hydraulic Outrigger Leveling Cylinders (Manual and Automatic leveling)
Front mounted 10'6" (3,1 m) Bulldozer Blade (Levels path for Carrier)
Alternator (Brushless type Allis Chalmers 100 kW - 480 volts 3 phase 60 cycles)
Fuel Tank 100 gallon (378,6 liters)
All weather heated Operators cab
Air brakes - Air Horn - Windshield Wipers
Complete instrumentation and controls in Operator cab
Engine shutdown system, Safety lights, Halogen headlights, Turn signals, Stoplights, Taillights, Work lights
Potential speed of Carrier alone 0-30 mph (0-48 km/hour)
Carrier weight alone 43,000 lbs (19,504 kg)
Carrier dimensions alone 127" wide x 360" long (3,225 mm x 9,144 mm)

The total Gold Rig is powered by one turbo charged 350 H.P. diesel engine. On the flywheel end, a torque converter with accessory driven hydraulic pumps; and six speed powershift transmission with optional converter lockup that propels the Carrier.

On the front end of the engine is driven a 100 KW alternator which provides electrical power to the Gold Rig to run the following: vibrating pan feeder, 50 H.P. electro/hydrostatic trommel drive, 15 H.P. water pressure boost pump, 5 H.P. electro/hydraulic accessory pump, riffle vibrators, and 15 H.P. variable displacement tailings dredge pump.

Allis Chalmers alternator 100 KW - 480 volts 3 phase 60 cycles with voltage meter, ammeter, and cycle meter
Alternator gear belt driven from front of main engine
Transformers are used to provide the following electrical voltages:
240 volts three phases
240 volts single phase
120 volts single phase
All electrical circuits and outlets are protected by circuit breakers and fuses and heaters on magnetic starters
All electrical wiring is according to industrial wiring standards
Electrical controls and switches are mounted for easy access in the operator cab

gold mining trommelMODULAR CONSTRUCTION:
The complete Rig is built in modules to ease disassembly, shipping, and reassembly:
Main Module
Collection Shroud
Water Pressure Boost Pump
Trommel Drive Wheel System
Radial Stacking Conveyor Raising System
Main Frame

The main module is attached to the carrier by four pins and can be removed by lifting with appropriate sized crane; or it can be further disassembled into individual smaller components.

Complete wash plant can be transported with three semi-tractors and single and double drop trailers. Some of the loads require overweight and over width permits to transport.

Equipment location: Western Montana, USA

Disassembly and loading for transport requires a 50 ton crane.

Golden Rule Placer Mining, Inc. is offering this complete self contained washplant for $175,000.00

Contact Information:
George Frank Phone: 406-248-8728
Jason Sanchez Phone: 406-281-0828

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